Tools for Learning: Using your phone to get organized

I’ve been thrilled with all the different things that students are using to get organized this year. I’ve seen lots of students using the school-supplied planners, and I’ve also seen students buying their own planners or blank notebooks and customizing them to meet their own needs. Whatever it takes for you to get organized, go for it! There’s certainly no right or wrong way to keep track of your assignments and upcoming tests, but it’s important to develop a system that you like, that you can stick with, and that keeps you on track throughout the year.

Several students are also using electronic tools as planners, which I think is great. At the very least, you’re far less likely to lose your phone than to lose your paper planner. I’ve chatted with several freshmen and sophomores about their favorite apps for the iPhone, and they suggested these three. iHomework in and InClass got some of the best reviews; both let you list your homework assignments, upcoming tests and quizzes, and offer notification alerts to keep you on track. If you’re the kind of person who manages things best with her iPhone, I highly recommend that you check these out.



If you have other suggestions, send them my way! I’m always anxious to pass on recommendations for effective tools like these.

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