Upcoming Events from PEN

There are two great PEN events coming up soon that could be great resources for our school families. I highly encourage you to check them out!

PEN EVENT: Removing the Mystery: Developing a Better Understanding of the Student with Language Processing Difficulties/Dyslexia
Saturday, 2/12, 8:30 AM-12 PM; Presented by Tuck Geerds, M.A.
Support for Families of Children with Disabilties, 1663 Mission Street, 7th Floor, San Francisco 94103. Free childcare and interpretation services in Spanish and Cantonese are available for families who pre-register.
To Register: please contact Support for Families at (415) 920-5040.
This workshop will provide participants with insights and information on: The profile of the student with Language Processing Difficulties; A better understanding of his/her struggles and challenges; Ways to help the child develop learning strategies; how to help these unique learners improve their self-esteem. Tuck Geerds has over 28 years of experience working with students with specific learning disabilities, especially dyslexia. She has been a teacher and a school administrator at Charles Armstrong School. She has spoken locally, regionally and internationally. Tuck is currently an educational consultant.

PEN EVENT: Dads’ Panel: Our Experiences with Learning and Attention Difficulties
Thursday, 2/10, 7-9 PM, The Bay School, 35 Keyes Avenue (in the Presidio), San Francisco.   Join a panel of fathers as they discuss the experiences they and their children have shared with learning and attention difficulties. They will discuss challenges they faced and their stories of success. They will also address questions posed by the audience.


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