Adventures with the iPad

At the end of day one at the conference with the iPad, I’ve got a lot of new thoughts. They’re both good and bad.

First, the good: this thing is SO PRETTY. And it fits happily on my lap in a conference setting.

The one problem is that it’s more than a little difficult to balance on your lap without a table in front of you. I spent most of the day experimenting with how to balance it on my lap: I had to sort of awkwardly balance on my toes to keep the screen balanced properly and to prevent it from slipping backwards from its perch on the Bluetooth keyboard. More than once, I managed to tip the whole thing backwards, scaring the heck out of myself that “OH NO I’VE BROKEN IT WHAT HAVE I DONE” for an instant until I realized that the case had not broken and that the little iPad would live to fight another day.

Easily the coolest thing about the iPad is the capability for note-taking with a lot of media. Today I’m using Evernote, a great software package that you can use for taking and reviewing notes on the iPad and that can sync with your computer, your iPhone, and your iPad all at once. It takes text-based notes but it can also record up to an hour and a half of audio per “note” page, a huge potential benefit for classroom notes. I also love that you can tag your notes so that you can organize them by categories. This could be great for keeping notes organized for certain classes–you could tag math notes by “Math” and then sort them by dates, making studying and reviewing really convenient.

In other cool news, I used the thing all day and have used barely 30% of the battery. Now that’s pretty amazing.

Have a fabulous night! More news and posts tomorrow


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