Conference Day One: Keynote Addresses

Good morning! I’m heading up the the Fairmont Hotel San Francisco this morning for the opening event of the conference: three back-to-back keynote addresses on the theme, “Understanding the iGeneration, Their Brains, and Learning.” Here’s who’s on deck:

Opening Remarks: Kurt Fischer, PhD, Director, MBE Program, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Keynote I: Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and the Way They Learn ; Larry D. Rosen, PhD

Keynote II: iBrain: The Technological Alteration of the Student Mind; Gary W. Small, MD

Keynote III: Language and Learning: From the Age of Literacy to the Digital Age; James Paul Gee, PhD

I’m especially excited to see Kurt, who is the director of my graduate program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Today I’ll be having lunch with some colleagues from Stuart Hall High School and Sacred Heart Prep in Atherton, which should be a great opportunity for us to connect and discuss the implications for the conference topics in a Sacred Heart school.

Have a lovely rainy day!

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