Day Three: Conference Debrief

The conference ends today at noon, and there’s a lot of digesting and thinking that I need to do to take it all in. There were some amazing questions raised about the nature of digital learning, the nature of the so-called “iGeneration” and the best ways to teach to that particular group of learners, and what the nature of learning so-called “21st-century skills” ought to look like. These are enormous topics that each bear discussion on their own, and I hope to explore many of them in the weeks to come. In any case, I think these issues are especially interesting to consider as we move toward implementing an iPad program in our school. There are some big questions about the nature and necessity of classroom engagement that we’ll need to address. I’m a firm believer in the use of technology in the classroom, but only if it enhances learning in a meaningful, non-trivial way: if our students are going to be using iPads, I want them to be using them in ways that matter. It’s not good enough for me if these tools just become glorified note-taking devices; there’s too much at stake for us to squander the opportunity to use iPads to fundamentally enrich our curriculum and our culture.

Have a wonderful ski week and see you back at school!


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