Distraction-Free Software

There are lots of great applications out there that can help you avoid distraction. I know that when I’m using my computer to work on a project or write a long paper, it’s easy for me to get distracted. I have to do lots of goofy things to try to keep myself on task, like removing the icon for the web browser from the dock on my desktop so I can’t get to the internet as easily. While tricks like that are trivial, they can really help: sometimes it helps to remove the temptation to procrastinate.

Check out this article on the subject from the Urban School of San Francisco’s student newspaper. There are some really interesting recommendations on potential applications that students might use to help themselves stay on task. What do you think: would Convent students benefit from having the same suite of applications on our computers in the computer lab and the laptops from the carts? What solutions could you envision that might apply to our new iPads next fall?
Many thanks to Allegra Spinoso for pointing me to this link!


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