Summer Wrap-Up

As we spend this week celebrating the seniors’ years at Convent and marking milestones for every student on our campus, I’m starting to look ahead to what I’ll do with my summer vacation. I’ll be teaching three different versions of an essay-writing course that I developed several years ago: I’ll be teaching my former students in Texas, then working with students from two different organizations here in the Bay Area later in the summer. In between, though, there are lots of great opportunities for reading and reflection. I’m starting to think about the smartest ways to spend my summer that will both get me some relaxation after a busy year and help me thoughtfully improve my program in the years to come.

I read a couple of interesting blog posts here and here that are influencing my thinking on the subject. I’m also going to be working with my iPad a lot to work on best practices for how we’ll roll out the iPad program to our freshmen and sophomores next year.

Got any other ideas on how I should spend my summer? Let me know!

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