English to non-native speakers

Happy summer to all! I hope you’ve had a relaxing, restorative summer so far. I’ve been traveling a lot and I’m looking forward to lots of reading and relaxing for the last three weeks of summer!

As you continue to enjoy your break, check out this video that I came across: it’s an Italian television show’s parody of what American English sounds like to non-native speakers. While it sounds vaguely like words that we should know in an American-sounding accent, the whole song is gibberish–it’s just a catchy, wacky, disco song.

I enjoyed a lot of things about this: the spastic dancing, the fact that the teacher looks like the Fonz, and the ways that this might connect to learning differences. Try listening to this and try straining to understand what’s being said: I wonder if that’s not unlike what some classroom situations and learning experiences can be like for some students. It’s as if you have an urgent sense that something important is going on but there’s an obstacle preventing you from getting that information. An interesting thought to consider in an otherwise very silly video.

Happy summer to all! 


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