iPad Apps: MentalCase

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting reviews of different iPad apps that you might check out for the coming year. Since all freshmen and sophomores will have iPads this year, I’m eager to find ways to maximize these tools’ capabilities on our campus in meaningful, high-impact ways. I’m especially interested in finding apps that will support all students’ organizational and study strategies.

I wanted to start by finding an app that would work for a purpose that many students are already using: digital flashcards. Many of the SOPHOMORES (hooray, Class of 2014!) used Quizlet last year to upload and download digital versions of flashcards for several classes in their freshman year, and most students reviewed these cards using their iPhones and Androids. I found a great app for iPad that allows you to continue to use Quizlet flashcards, upload more custom flashcards, and even organize flashcards per subject and per test on your iPad. It’s called MentalCase (bonus points for a great name), and I love it.

Check it out here: http://www.mentalcaseapp.com/ipad/


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