iPad apps: TED

This isn’t exactly an app for a specific task; it’s an app for those moments when you’re stuck, when you’re bored, or when you’ve just hit a wall and don’t feel motivated or energized to keep going. This is the TED app.

If you’re not familiar with TED, check them out here on their website. TED’s tagline on their website is “ideas worth spreading”, and that’s basically what they do: they host and publish talks with leading minds in a broad range of fields from arts to science to business to the humanities, and their purpose is to educate and inspire with stories about innovation and creativity. You can use this app to explore past TED talks from great innovators and leaders and find out about other great ideas out there that are changing and reflecting upon our world. This app is just there to inspire you, to challenge you, and to make you think in ways that we don’t often get to think in school. Check it out when you need a lift or just a reassurance of why we’re working so hard to achieve the things we do.


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