iPad apps: iThoughts

When it comes to trying to plan a big project, I’m a bit of a list-maker. If you’ve ever seen my planner or worked with me to come up with a study schedule for finals, you’ve seen this in action: I like to make a long list of all the tasks I need to address, and then I make a schedule of when I plan to get each of them done. This works really well for me and the way my mind works, but it’s not the best approach for everyone.

One great way of getting a sense of all the elements of a big project is mind-mapping, which works really well for many people. There are a ton of mind-mapping apps out there, and one that I like most is iThoughts, which allows you to make cool graphic mindmaps for anything you’d like. In addition to looking terribly cool, its coolest feature is that it can sync to other services, including Box.net, Dropbox, and Apple’s MobileMe suite. This seems like a fabulous tool for creating a mind map on your iPad and then being able to access it from nearly anywhere and share it with others. Kind of awesome. Check it out here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ithoughts-mindmapping/id294144368?mt=8

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