iPad apps: Read2Me

Read2Me is a great app that can read .txt files out loud. At first, this might sound a little limited; this app can’t read PDFs that haven’t been translated to .txt format by Word or an app like TextEdit, and it can’t read some audiobook formats. However, it’s really easy to convert long blocks of text to a .txt file, and I think that makes this app ideal for reading something you’ve found online. All you’d have to do is cut and paste a long article online (perhaps from the New York Times? maybe from Wikipedia?) into a document on your computer, save the document as a .txt file, and access is through Read2Me. You can also use the app to import text directly from the web, which would be even cooler and faster. I think this is actually an incredibly cool app for that purpose, since I have a bad tendency to skim things pretty loosely when I read text on a screen.

Check it out here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/read-2-me/id313752154?mt=8

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