Volunteer Opportunity: David Chiu for Mayor

Please note: Convent of the Sacred Heart High School and Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco do not endorse any candidates for office.
We are looking to reach out to students in the area who may be interested in learning more about the political landscape of San Francisco.  Our Fall Fellows program will provide students with great hands-on political experience in a fast-paced political race.  If applicable, Fellows may receive academic credit.  This program gives students the opportunity to network and make contacts that could serve as references in the future.
Currently, we have over 15 students engaged in our Fellows program. Each of them is part of a 20 hour/week training program that is carefully designed to teach students the variety of skills needed to be successful in campaign organizing. Our program borrows directly from the community organizing approach of Obama for America, which is where our campaign manager and a majority of our staff come from. Thus, we believe in the true empowerment of our students by training them with the skills necessary to be effective and take actual ownership in our campaign.
Our program is well rounded and includes weekly training seminars on field organizing, finance, policy, political messaging, and of course new media and communications. Additionally, each of our staff participates in a weekly brown bag luncheon that allows students to learn more about the various routes towards these careers that each of us have taken.
(Fellowship applications are here at http://www.davidchiuformayor.com/fellowship)
For more information, contact Jen Kwart, Regional Field Organizer, David Chiu for Mayor 2011, C: (714) 749-2001.

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