NYT Op-Ed on Dyslexia

It’s been exciting over the last few years to have more and more successful people describing their experiences with learning differences, especially with dyslexia. This article in the New York Times this weekend was another great description of what it’s like to learn with dyslexia. It’s an excerpt from a forthcoming memoir about one man’s struggle with the reading disorder. There aren’t solutions here–no magic bullets, no easy shortcuts for how to make reading with dyslexia easier or more straightforward. But this article does offer an eloquent description of how it feels to struggle to read, even when you want desperately to do so.

My hope is that more and more people with learning differences–famous or not–will continue to find ways to describe their challenges and tell their stories. I think that this change is critical to making learning differences less stigmatized in classrooms and in workplaces and in the wider world. The fact that any of us learn to read at all is remarkable; the fact that so many people find it difficult to learn to read shouldn’t be so surprising or shameful.


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