9/13: Project Eye to Eye: Parent Meeting!

St. Vincent de Paul is privileged to be chosen as the SF Archdiocesan school to host the national mentoring program: Project Eye to Eye.

You are invited to an information meeting on September 13. Please note that if you attend, you are not committed to signing up your child in the program. Your children are also welcome to attend this presentation to learn about the program and curriculum.

Project Eye-To-Eye trains successful Saint Ignatius Preparatory and Convent of the Sacred Heart students with language-based learning disabilities or learning challenges and/or ADHD as mentors. Children with varying learning strengths and challenges will be encouraged to appreciate and understand their individual learning style. This completely free after school mentoring program uses a fun, art-based curriculum to help these children to discover and use their individual strengths, value their own unique minds, and to advocate for themselves in the classroom.  Children enrolled in Project Eye-to-Eye experience increased self-esteem and become more confident in themselves and their ability to thrive; they do better in school and in life.

On Tuesday, evening, September 13, from 6-7 p.m., PETE would like to invite the parents of the students who have participated in the SVDP language resource pull out program to attend a reception hosted by Katie Long, the National Program Chair for Project Eye-to-Eye. Three of the high school mentors in charge of the local chapter who were trained at Brown University will be hosting an informational evening and reception. Quinn Reno is from Convent, and Olivia La Rocca and Eli Anaya are from S.I. The learning specialists from Convent of the Sacred Heart, Patricia Kievlan, and from SI, Sarah Merrell, will also be attending. SVDP’s art teacher, Vicki Bamsi, who will be in charge of the art room for these art session for the 2011-2012 year will be coming.

Even if your child might not attend this quarter due to a sports conflict, please attend the reception to meet the outstanding mentors and specialists who will be running the program.  We are fortunate to benefit from this national grant.  The art curriculum is a medium to discuss learning and goals. The projects have been selected to empower the students and to teach them how to advocate for themselves and communicate with their teachers.

The reception is in the art room and basement area of the middle school building. Come and enjoy some delicious refreshments. Hope you can come by before the Parent Guild meeting to meet these wonderful, dedicated people.

Contact: Mary Morelli                       RSVP:    marymorelli@gmail.com

www.projecteyetoeye.org                       Visit the Project Eye to Eye website.

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