The JCCSF Teen Fellowship in Sports Leadership

The JCCSF Teen Fellowship in Sports Leadership empowers Bay Area high school teens to serve as role models within our community. While learning strong coaching and leadership skills, Fellows establish connections between Judaism, athletics and community service.

During their Fellowship, teens are challenged to take on the role of youth sports coach and to develop a Fellow-run service project.

The Fellowship includes:

  • Weekend retreat – intensive training and community-building workshops
  • Monthly seminars – sharing and reflecting on Fellowship experiences
  • Annual service project – 2011 Fellows put on a 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament to raise funds for the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
  • Paid coaching internship – as part of JCCSF Youth Sports Program

In addition to hands-on coaching experience, valuable insight from professional JCCSF coaches and guidance offered by Fellowship leaders, teens have the option to apply their new skills as coaches and counselors in JCCSF Summer Camps.

Our goal is to create highly skilled coaches and exceptional leaders who are ready to meet greater challenges in college, graduate school and beyond. What we hear from our Fellows is that they all learn much more than they expect – about themselves and who they want to be.

“I can easily say this was the greatest high school experience I had.” – 2010 Fellow

“My daughter was a difficult athlete. This Fellowship shifted her behavior. It was a life changing event. She now wants to be in education. Entirely stimulated from that first experience coaching!” – Parent of 2010 teen Fellow

“I took a lot more out of this program than I imagined I would. What I found was that I was learning a lot about my self, the person I was, that I am now and who I want to be in the future. And to see that happen all in one space, for me, was the most profound thing for me.” – 2010 Fellow

Want to be a teen Fellow? To receive an application for acceptance to the 2011–12 class of Fellows, please contact Alan Scher at 415.292.1261 or

Learn more here:

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