Help CES and SHB’s After-School Program!

Convent Elementary and Stuart Hall for Boys are looking for more helpers for their After School Program.  As you may know, our busiest and most difficult time of the day is the first 30 mins/1hr after dismissal.  Generally speaking, we have enough staff members for supervision and general day-to-day activities, but we get overloaded when there are several specialty classes in a day, bathroom breaks, pick-ups, etc.  Anyways, long story short, we need some help!  I thought that if we had a couple more HS assistants until roughly 4 PM, that would greatly help.  Like I said, we simply need extra sets of eyes and legs when it comes to taking students to and from various locations.

If you’re around after school until 4 PM and you’re looking to earn more hours, consider volunteering! Contact Joey Elftmann for more information. Thanks!
Joey Elftmann
After School Program Director
Convent of the Sacred Heart & Stuart Hall  415.292.3157




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