Volunteer Opportunity: Mission Housing Development

Read this opportunity from a Convent alumna! Scroll to the bottom for contact information.

My name is Ana Peñate and I am a Resident Services Coordinator for a community-based non-profit that develops affordable housing for low-income families, special-needs individuals, and seniors in the Mission District called Mission Housing Development Corporation. I am currently looking for students or other individuals to spend time at some of our housing sites. We are interested in students who are completing volunteer requirements or who just like to volunteer that can spend a couple hours a month at a few of our housing sites. Specifically, we are interested in starting some classes on knitting, smocking or crocheting with the goal of sending the items we make to hospitals or other organizations to serve premature babies.

I also am an alumna of Convent of the Sacred Heart and graduated in 2007 and continued my education at the University of San Francisco. During my time there, I interned with Mission Housing because it was a way to give back to my community, work with diverse groups of people, and actually make an impact in their lives. I now work for Mission Housing and am trying to bring some new services to the housing sites and also build relationships with outside communities and give other students the wonderful experience of working with our residents. I know that when I was at Convent there was a club that did something like this and I thought that it would be a great learning experience for Convent girls. I am really interested in starting a class at one of our affordable housing sites to do something with this same goal in mind.

MHDC creates and preserves high-quality affordable housing for residents of low and moderate incomes in the Mission District and San Francisco. MHDC provides housing and technical assistance to service providers to help them develop affordable housing that meets the needs of special populations, such as the physically or mentally handicapped, and the critically ill. For more than three decades, MHDC has provided housing options to residents of San Francisco. The organization currently serves almost 3,000 residents in more than 1,000 units. Three hundred and fifty additional rental units are being developed and six more sites are being considered to build homeownership units. MHDC is one of the largest non-profit housing organizations in San Francisco, with 31 buildings that it either owns or manages.

Our Resident Services Department seeks to foster healthy communities and promote self-sufficiency by improving community relationships, facilitating access to resources, and providing opportunities for personal goal achievement for residents of MHDC housing communities. Our residents come from very diverse backgrounds, encompassing many different languages, ethnicities, religious affiliations, and cultures. As Resident Services Coordinators, we coordinate individual and community services aimed at stabilizing and empowering residents to act as agents of change within their communities. We work together to offer practical services (such as rental assistance, access to food pantries, and service referrals) and enrichment services (ESL classes and after school programs) to our residents. MHDC has 15 properties that have Resident Services and almost 2000 residents who receive services.
Want to help? Contact Ana Cecilia Peñate, Resident Services Coordinator, Mission Housing Development Corporation
(415) 971-4280 cell
(415) 864-6432 x312


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