Award Winning Film Screening: Read Me Differently: Understanding learning disabilities in family life

Endorsed by Edward M. Hallowell, Richard D. Lavoie, Dr. Larry Silver M.D., and Jon Kabat-Zinn…this special bay area screening of Read Me Differently will provide an in-depth look at dyslexia and ADHD and how these learning disabilities impact family dynamics. Viewers will watch a 56-minute documentary focusing on the filmmaker’s experience growing up with misunderstood learning disabilities that spanned three generations in her family.

Upon seeing the film, the filmmaker will lead a Q&A that highlights the following objectives:
· Identifying the issues: how school based learning disabilities translate at home
· Addressing the issues: how to talk about learning disabilities at home
· Working with stress and anxiety: how mindfulness techniques can help parents and children

The film, Read Me Differently, will be available for purchase at this event! 

Sarah Entine is an award-winning documentary film producer and director. Originally diagnosed with dyslexia in 1978, she only fully comprehended her disability 23 years later, at age 29. In 2009, she
completed her first documentary, Read Me Differently, a film that focuses on her experience growing up with misunderstood learning
disabilities that spanned three generations in her family. Prior to making the film, Sarah earned a Master’s degree in Social Work from Simmons College and has practiced vipassana (insight) meditation since
1998. Sarah has presented Read Me Differently at conferences across the country including twice at The International Dyslexia Association, The Learning Disability Association of America and The National
Association of Social Workers in Massachusetts. She has also given workshops with parent and student groups from Boston University to San Francisco State University. Her message addresses the need to increase awareness on how learning disabilities impact family relationships. Sarah has facilitated workshops and spoken to countless students, teachers, parents and service providers about her experience. In 2010,
Read Me Differently was selected for the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award, (past winners include Steven Spielberg, Ken Burns, Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese). In the same year, Simmons School of Social work awarded Sarah with an Alumni Recognition Award. In 2011, Read Me Differently was chosen to screen at the Superfest International Disability Film Festival where the film received an Achievement Award. This fall, WGBH in Boston (a local PBS station) will be broadcasting the film.

Thursday, November 17, 2011. 7 pm – 9 pm.
Cost: $20 for PEN members. Click here to join.
FREE online registration for faculty at PEN Member Schools. Contact us if you don’t know your discount code.
Read more and sign up here:


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