Donate socks and greeting cards to Harvest From The Heart!

Click here for the flyer for this event!

Harvest from the Heart was originally started by Chef Ryan Scott, his mother, Patricia, and Dad#2, Danny, simply to feed people.  It was based on the simple idea of people inviting over those who have nowhere else to go on Thanksgiving Day to cook for them, feed them and make them feel welcomed.  Harvest from the Heart is expanding doing that on a larger scale and delivering the food to people.

In addition to providing a bagged lunch we have been able to also give people a brand new clean pair of socks.  We have watched people be as grateful for that as they are the food.  We have witnessed people sitting down to put on the new socks immediately even before eating.

Our hope and goal is that we will be able to expand this simple idea to other cities, counties and states while remaining true to our mission of feeding people.

Convent of the Sacred Heart High School will be collecting clean black and dark-colored socks and handwritten cards from now until Thanksgiving. Please bring in socks, write some kind words in some cards, and donate them to the barrel here at school! It’s an easy way to brighten someone’s day.

Learn more about Harvest From the Heart at

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