PEN Event: Treatments that work for children with ADHD; Saturday 2/11, 9 AM

I hope you’ll attend if you’re available: this is an event mostly geared at families with students 12 years old and younger, but a lot of the insights may still apply. This sounds like a great opportunity!–PMK

Treatments that work for children with ADHD:  What teachers and parents can do (Betsy Corrin, Ph.D., Child Clinical Psychologist)

Children with ADHD typically demonstrate disruptive and off-task behaviors at school and at home.  Due to impairments in their ability to regulate their behavior, they often have difficulty complying with adult instructions.  These impairments can interfere with learning, limit social functioning, and create significant frustration for caregivers.  This workshop will focus on strategies that help children with ADHD improve their behavior across domains.  Parents and teachers will improve their understanding of the disorder, learn to identify treatment priorities, and develop the ability to create a behavior plan to improve the compliance, focus, and on task behaviors of children with ADHD.

Betsy Corrin, Ph.D. is a Child Psychologist specializing in the treatment of ADHD, behavioral disorders, and anxiety disorders.  Her treatment approach relies on cognitive-behavioral, evidence-based strategies to effect significant change in children and adolescents and parents.  Dr. Corrin moved to the Bay Area in 2003 to complete her postdoctoral training at Stanford University’s Department of Psychiatry, and was the Director of the Anxiety Disorders Clinic and an Assistant Professor at Stanford until 2010.  Currently, Dr. Corrin has a private practice in Hayes Valley, San Francisco.
Age Range:  Children 12 and below.

Learn more here:

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