Learned Gratitude!

Dr. Christine Carter’s talk on happiness really resonated with our 2011-2012 four-school theme of Gratitude! She talked about the fact that happiness is hugely influenced by people’s awareness and practice of gratitude in their daily lives. Gratitude cab be learned and practiced, she argued, and students who spent time each day reflecting on things for which they’re grateful will find themselves more positive and more receptive to learning. She talked about the importance of taking time each day to think of a person who has done something for which you’re grateful, and a person who might grateful for something you’ve done. This can be hard to put into practice in a meaningful (read: non-cheesy) way in a high school setting, but I think we could surely find ways to bring these ideas more explicitly into our schools.

Gratitude and its practice come up frequently in our Espacio reflections and our campus ministry events; I wonder if we could come up with even more ways to bring these reflections into our daily practice on campus and throughout our curriculum.


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