EdRev Debrief

I ended up doing less live-blogging than I expected during EdRev, but here are some final thoughts from the day.

  • First of all, I love getting to wander around the ballpark. It’s a blast to get to peruse the World Series memorabilia, to sit in the luxury boxes, and just generally to gaze out at the views. Seriously: this is the most distracting place to watch a baseball game. Ever.
  • The tech exhibits were touted as the best part of the day, and they really were excellent. It was neat to get to play with and demo tools from Dragon Dictation to the Echo Pen. Low points included the cool toy for “curing ADHD and anxiety” that had a potential side effect of causing seizures. What?!
  • The vendor exhibits were great too, with lots of smart, thoughtful people from around our region in attendance offering their tutoring and curriculum help. A really neat thing to see.
  • I worked the table for the Teachers Education Network, the educators’ arm of PEN. We had a great time chatting up other teachers, trying to get a sense of the sorts of professional development opportunities they’d like us to offer in the future. It’s fun to see people get a faraway look in their eyes as you ask, “What do you need to make you a better teacher?”
  • The student art show and writing contest were excellent–and I loved seeing the gentlmen from Stuart Hall High School represented among the wonderful works of art!
  • Finally, Project Eye to Eye had a big table and a strong presence at the event, which made me proud. I met our national office sponsor, Katie Long, for the first time, and I loved seeing other Eye to Eye student mentors from around the bay area showing off the great work that our Convent/SI/SVdP chapter does every week.

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