From Cheryl Davis: Cool English Apps and Sites

Here’s the next in my series of posts here on some of the amazing apps and resources I learned about at Castilleja. All of these come recommended by Cheryl Davis at Acalanes Union High School District.

These are the English ideas Ms. Davis offered. We’re using some of these already, but there are some really cool ideas here.

  • iTunesU Poetry Units: there are some cool ones out there. Go explore!
  • eReading and Writing: we already use Moodle for this quite a bit on campus, especially in Ms. Denny’s classes with Moodle forum posts and reflections on fellow students’ submissions. Our use of iAnnotate on campus for annotating and highlighting e-books already fits in nicely with this.
  • Group or Solo Journaling: there are lots of great opportunities for journaling out there, whether it’s just using Pages on the iPad or creating a new blog through WordPress (like this one!) or creating a group Tumblr page or a group Pinterest for a class. An interesting way to bring together a lot of cool ideas on the same topic.
  • Grammar Girl: This is already in use in English 2 in a big way. Fun to hear it talked about here, too.
  • TodaysMeet: a fabulous tool for managing back-channel discussions during a class. Could be a cool way to have students logged in while a discussion or presentation is happening in class. The teacher sets up a TodaysMeet–essentially a chat room–and monitors it during class. Students can submit reflections and reactions while the discussion is in progress. This can help the teacher guide discussion and help students stay engaged with their devices and with the task at hand. Really cool.

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