From Cheryl Davis: Cool World Languages Apps and Sites

Here’s the next in my series of posts here on some of the great apps and resources I learned about at Castilleja. All of these come recommended by Cheryl Davis at Acalanes Union High School District. Next up: resources for world languages!

  • Explain Everything: a great tool for making presentations. Insanely easy to use and easy to manipulate. Could be great for asking students to make a video of their own speaking in a foreign language and then having them add subtitles.
  • Google Translate: terrific for students to use in translating between languages. Again, Google wins at everything.
  • Sound Note: Look! Another app that does the same things as Audiotorium Note, Notability, and Evernote. Cool in different ways, apparently preferred by Ms. Davis’s colleagues. Also happily useful for world language classes in all the same ways that the others are.
  • Story Kit: this is a quick storybook maker. While it’s marketed toward younger children, it’s easy to see how you could use this for a short presentation in a world language class. Easy to use, attractive interface. 

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