From Cheryl Davis: Cool Math Apps and Sites

Here’s the next in my series of posts here on some of the great apps and resources I learned about at Castilleja. All of these come recommended by Cheryl Davis at Acalanes Union High School District. Here are the

  • Educreations: We used this app this week in the Flip Classroom workshop (more on this later), and it’s a great way to capture handwriting and audio. I love this for doing math demonstrations: a great way to walk students through a process and save it for later online viewing. Available on iPads and on computers. Free.
  • Show Me: Another digital whiteboard for the iPad with similarly nice features. To each his own. Also free.
  • Doceri: A powerful digital whiteboard program that is NOT free. But very cool.
  • Splashtop: this remote desktop app allows you to use your iPad to access things on your desktop computer. Useful for pulling up files you want to access. Not sure how this was math-specific, but still pretty neat.
  • Whiteboard: You get it: there are a lot of Whiteboard apps out there. This doesn’t record things, but it’s a fabulous environment for high-quality sketching.
  • Khan Academy: there are so, so many math demos on this website. Pick the ones you want and link them to your existing curriculum. A nice way to build out what you’ve already got.

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