From Cheryl Davis: Cool Art Apps and Sites

Here’s my last post on some of the great apps and resources I learned about at Castilleja. All of these come recommended by Cheryl Davis at Acalanes Union High School District. Here are just a couple of art apps that seemed terrific.

  • Art Studio for iPad: For $2.99, you can draw, edit photos, and do all kinds of neat stuff. Terribly cool.
  • Art Circles: A free app that allows you to spin through lots of great works of art and explore them in greater detail. This is a beautiful app I plan to get lost in the next time I’m on an airplane.
  • Paper by Fifty-Three: You know that gorgeous ad for the new iPad where the person uses their hand to paint something amazing? I think they’re using Paper. This app is GORGEOUS. It’s free with one brush and costs more with additional brushes.
  • Photoshop: The premier photo editing and graphic design program for the average human. It’s $9 on the iPad for the full version, and the express version is free.

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