Internship Opportunity: SF Democratic Coordinated Campaign Fall 2012 Internship Program

Please note: Convent of the Sacred Heart High School and Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco do not endorse any candidates for office or any political parties. — PMK

Please contact the Executive Director for the San Francisco Democratic Party, Ally Hergenraeder, at for more information or to apply. We will be happy to deliver promotional materials or speak at a fair/assembly in the coming days. Our office is located at 2284 Market Street and is open from 9am – 9pm. We hope to work with you!

Intern admission requirements:

  • Excellent communications skills as demonstrated in an email asking to join the program and a follow-up phone interview or resume submission
  • A basic knowledge of electoral politics and government roles/public policy
  • Signed permission form
  • Patience and dedication for progressive or liberal causes

Intern Expectations:

  • Be up-to-date on local and national political news
  • Volunteer at least four 5-hour shifts in our local office before November 1. We recognize high school students are busy, but we also will favor applicants who can commit to more than this minimum
  • Between November 1 and November 6 volunteer at least 8 hours at the local office. (Exceptions can be made with prior discussion or if the intern wants to go out of town)
  • Follow instructions closely, ask questions, and always enjoy yourself!
  • Interns will be responsible for registering people to vote, making phone calls to swing states, and helping out in the office. Hitting the streets and talking to strangers a must!

We will provide:

  • Provide signatures etc. necessary community-service or other credit
  • Train interns in all aspects of modern political campaigns
  • Sit with interns one-on-one to share political stories, careers, strategy etc. This may include chats with elected officials and Obama for America staff
  • Supervise interns – minors ‘out in the field’ will always have an experienced campaign volunteer with them
  • Provide access to fundraisers, campaign rallies, out-of-state mobilizations, parties, debates, and other forms of campaign activity. These will arise from time-to-time and we will make a priority of getting our interns access (based on intern performance)
  • Upon successful completion of the program interns will receive a diploma, a letter of recommendation on Party letterhead (should they ask for one), and an office credential
  • Pizza, candy, Ping-Pong and other things to keep our volunteers happy!



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