PEN Event: Brain Diversity!

There’s a great PEN-sponsored event coming up later this month that’s worth a look. Read on! — PMK

Presentation on the diversity of the brain presented by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and Parents Educational Network (PEN) Saturday, January 26, 2013, 9:00 am‐3:00 pm.  Morning and afternoon sessions.

Morning Session: Welcome to the Future: Where Diverse Brains Thrive with Gordon F. Sherman, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Newgrange School and Education Center, New Jersey
Dyslexia is not a product of a dysfunctional brain, but an example of learning diversity that can excel in the real world outside of school. Unfortunately, a dysfunctional education system often awaits those who learn differently. This talk will describe the value of cerebrodiversity (our species’ collective neural heterogeneity), of which dyslexia is a byproduct, and challenge conventional assumptions about socially and culturally defined disabilities. It will encourage those who struggle with dyslexia, provide a context for understanding dyslexia’s enigmas, and explore solutions for success. Technology also will be a focus of this presentation.

Afternoon Session: Cerebrodiversity in the Classroom and at Home with Dee Rosenberg, Director of Education at the Newgrange School and Education Center
Dee Rosenberg’s afternoon presentation will provide practical applications for fostering success in students with diverse brains, both at school and at home. What kinds of teaching methods work best? How can parents provide a framework for success for students who think and learn differently?

Registration (Lunch included in price) Regular Registration ‐ $70.00 Walk‐in Registration ‐ $75.00
Register at 

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