Notes from Marin 1:1 Adventure

IMG_1437On Tuesday, February 5th, I traveled with ten of my colleagues from our four-school community to Marin for a daylong adventures in one-to-one iPad programs. We visited two schools: San Domenico School, a K-12 school that has one of our region’s leading 1:1 programs, and Marin Country Day School, a K-8 school that is just beginning on its iPad journey. Both schools had amazing insights to offer us, from perspectives on teaching and learning with technology to teacher training to parent outreach. What struck me most, though, was how affirming it was to compare these schools’ programs to our own. Just two years into our own iPad program, I recognized some of the great strengths, innovations, and insights that I’m seeing on our campus echoed in the classrooms I visited at MCDS and SDS. It was a terrific day of learning, brainstorming, and reflecting on the future of the 1:1 program on our campus. The next few posts are all about my adventure, so enjoy!


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