A Day of Apps: What new tools could we try?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m devoted to technology, but I’m lost without my paper planner. On our visits to SDS and MCDS, most of my colleagues tapped away on their iPads to take notes while I scribbled away in my planner. Most of the notes are organized, like during our classroom visits (“6th Grade Math: kids making graphs, sharing with Apple TV, class critiques graph creation and text”), but the messier part is the growing list of apps I learned about over the course of the day. I jotted down the apps that these campuses use that we’re already familiar with (e.g. Notability, Pages, Dropbox, and iAnnotate), but I focused more on new apps that could be worth learning more about.

For your perusal, here is a list of apps that caught my eye during my visit. Feel free to explore!

Singapore Bar Model app: for learning math skills. We saw this in a fourth grade math class and it was incredibly easy to use.

Box: Like Dropbox, this is another app that allows multiple users to upload and access digital files.

CalcChat: this seems like more of an online resource, almost like a message board, that allows students to access information about different math problems online from multiple textbooks. “We use this like an answer key,” said students in the senior multivariable calculus class at SDS.

Pocket CAS: an app that graphs functions, takes derivatives, and integrates. Sounds like a souped-up version of the CalcLab programs I had on my TI-89 in high school. Sheer mathematical power!!

NearPod: a presentation tool that lets teachers share a presentation from their screen with their students iPad screens. The teacher advances the slides, students follow along.

Corkulous: I want to play with this app all day long. It’s a giant cork board where you can pin anything at all–images, text, movies, sounds, etc. It’s a little like Pinterest, a little like a wall collage, and I was inspired to think about how you could use this for brainstorming, for creating presentations (a little like Prezi!), and for generally collecting resources for later use. Super cool and easy to use; probably my favorite find of the day.

Noteshelf: a terrific app for taking and organizing notes. A lot like Notability or Evernote, but a slightly different user interface. It takes a while to set it up the way you want it, but it seems worthwhile.

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