Photopost: The Ultimate Kindergarten Classroom

I keep reflecting on how much fun I had at MCDS. In general, MCDS made me want to return to middle school so I could join this joyful, nurturing community in this beautiful place. On our last stop of the day, we visited three of the school’s kindergarten classrooms, and I revised my wish: I want to enroll as a kindergartener in Mr. X’s Sequoia room at MCDS. In the pictures that follow, you’ll see why: the students in this ultra-rich environment run a plant exchange program for the entire school, just one of many extraordinary activity stations in this amazing classroom. This room may have been the first time I saw a Reggio Emilia- or Montessori-style classroom that I really “got”. I always thought of myself as far too bookish for Montessori; instead of playing with blocks or paint, I’ve said, I would probably just sit in a corner and read and ignore everyone. This space changed my mind: in a space this rich, this welcoming, and this engaging, I absolutely see how six-year-old me–and any six-year-old–could have an extraordinary and varied educational experience.

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