Tutorpedia Education By Design Event

Tonight, I had the chance to attend the Tutorpedia Foundation‘s Education By Design event at the Autodesk Gallery. I love Tutorpedia’s mission: they offer exceptional tutoring and they also do great nonprofit work. I love their mission, their social responsibility, and their creative spirit, so I was proud to attend this event again this year. I loved the speakers, the conversations, and the activities–I got to learn a few Arabic phrases in “speed-tutoring” and meet a few tutors, and I also got to strike up conversations with people based on our nametags, all of which asked us to reflect on what we’d like to learn next. Most amazingly, I loved wandering through the gallery, which was full of objects created with 3D printers, which I’d never seen up close. Check out the photo gallery to see some of what I saw. In other news, I now know that I apparently need a ten-foot-tall Diplodocus made of Legos. I feel like my husband would be okay with this.

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