Service Site Spotlights: Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Most of our school will be participating in a beach clean-up project at Ocean Beach sponsored by the National Parks Conservancy. These groups are those of Christie Checovich, Elena DeSantis, Mary Forsyth, Ray Cinti, Christy Cinti, Anne Guina, Jordan Lewis, Kate McMichael, Marisa Orso, Tracy Sena, and Michael Steinbrecher. Several other faculty and members of our Central Services staff will also be participating at this site.

From their website:

The mission of the Parks Conservancy is to preserve the Golden Gate National Parks, enhance the park visitor experience, and build a community dedicated to conserving the parks for the future. They are a community-supported nonprofit organization transforming places—and people—through conservation and improvement of these remarkable national parks.

Learn more about the National Parks Conservancy here:

My contacts also sent us the following links to explore. Follow them to learn more!

View The Majestic Plastic Bag, a mockumentary made by Heal the Bay.

What’s so Bad about Marine Debris?

NPS Beaches Resource Brief

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