EdRev Countdown: Keynote by Sir Ken Robinson!

All this week, I’m counting down to this Saturday’s big event: EdRev! I’m one of several presenters who will be promoting advocacy and education about all kinds of minds and all kinds of learners. Register today and come join us on Saturday for all the fun at AT&T Park! — PMK


KEYNOTE PROGRAM – 10am – First Base Stands

What does it take to achieve personal success and feel like you are in your element? World-renowned innovatorSir Ken Robinson argues that it is not natural talent that drives personal success, but rather a delicate interplay among talent, passion, attitude and opportunity that brings people to achieve their highest levels of success and lead lives of meaning and purpose.

Watch Sir Ken’s famous talk Do Schools Kill Creativity? – the most-viewed TED Talk ever!

With a wry sense of humor, Sir Ken helps audiences understand:

  • What it takes to find “The Element” in our own lives
  • Why age and occupation are no barrier
  • How to enhance creativity and innovation in both personal and professional settings
  • How focusing on “The Element” is an essential strategy in transforming education, business and communities to meet the challenges of living and succeeding in the twenty-first century

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