EdRev Countdown: Keynote by L. Todd Rose!

All this week, I’m counting down to this Saturday’s big event: EdRev! I’m one of several presenters who will be promoting advocacy and education about all kinds of minds and all kinds of learners. Register today and come join us on Saturday for all the fun at AT&T Park! — PMK


featuring Sir Ken Robinson, Dr. L. Todd Rose and the EdRev-Up Art Project

Hear from scientist and author Dr. L. Todd Rose about the science of the individual and how his new non-profit, Project Variability, is leading the movement to use this science to transform education, the workforce and society. This presentation will give parents, students and educators a chance to begin to explore these ideas and take the first steps towards participating in this movement.

Watch Dr. Rose speak on why ‘Variability Matters’

See a recent profile of Dr. Rose in the Harvard Gazette

Patchwork: Creating Whole Communities of Variability

Witness a group of students with learning differences as they present their art project based on the positive and negative labels they associate with themselves or that people assign to them. The students will display patches they created and exchanged, and use them to describe the experiences of self-awareness they gained.

Watch the video of last year’s art project

Saturday April 13, 2013 | AT&T Park, San Francisco

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