EdRev Countdown: Creativity Unleashed!

All this week, I’m counting down to this Saturday’s big event: EdRev! I’m one of several presenters who will be promoting advocacy and education about all kinds of minds and all kinds of learners. Register today and come join us on Saturday for all the fun at AT&T Park! — PMK

There are some amazing exhibitors at PEN’s EdRev event this Saturday. To learn more about activities for unleashing your creativity, visit this link to learn more! And don’t forget to register today for EdRev!

Eye to Eye
Art Room Open: 12 – 4 pm
Eye-to-Eye is a national non-profit organization that supports and grows a network of youth mentoring programs run by and for individuals with learning differences. If your child is an elementary or middle school student, have them come and experience our unique and empowering art curriculum, led by our highly trained mentors with LD/ADHD, at our Art Room Empowerment Sessions.

One Smart Kid, LLC
Art Room Open: 12 – 4 pm
One Smart Kid, LLC provides one-on-one in-home tutoring and small group courses that support the unique learning styles of our students in a dynamic and encouraging environment. We are dedicated to helping students develop the necessary skills, motivation, and confidence to thrive in their education, and beyond. At our exhibit table, we will be offering a paper craft activity where students can make journals/books, flashcards, organizers, and bookmarks.

SF SPCA Animal Assisted Therapy Programs
The Puppy Dog Tales Reading Program provides support for children struggling to attain basic literacy. We strive to engender a love of reading while assisting those with a variety of learning/attention differences and other issues in becoming better readers.

Will Mosgrove, Director Graduate Photography, Academy of Art University
Open: 12pm – 4pm.
Participants will experiment with Sunprints, which use ultraviolet light to create cyanotype images on sensitized paper. After placing various translucent objects on the sunprint paper and exposing it to light, tap water is used to remove the dye from areas not exposed by the light. The resulting image show light colored outlines of the materials placed on the paper. Participants are welcome to take home their created artwork. Will would be happy to discuss his career path with interested people.


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