My EdRev Workshop: Success Starts at Home

I’m presenting right now at EdRev! For those attending my presentation or visiting my site later, here are some links to sites I think are great resources for the topics I’m discussing today.

Common Sense Media:

Shelley Haven:

Ann Farris:

Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity:

Each of these sties offer great links to other resource and reference sites and reviews for great apps. You can also explore my site further for more apps and sites that might be useful. Use the tag cloud at left to click on subjects that interest you and to find my past posts.

Thanks for visiting! Be sure to leave comments with any questions or discussion.


One Reply to “My EdRev Workshop: Success Starts at Home”

  1. Thanks for offering others the opportunity of looking at my website: dyslexiadiscovery.
    I was at EdRev yesterday manning a booth so I did not part take of any workshops. I hope you are feeling good about yours.

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