Organizational Tool: Get Ye Done

Raz the Unimpressed is unimpressed.
Raz the Unimpressed is unimpressed.

A young woman attending my EdRev workshop on Saturday introduced me to a really neat organizational tool. It’s called Get Ye Done, and it’s a planning app that allows students to set goals and earn “experience points” for achieving goals and milestones that they set for themselves. The interface and the language is a little more geared toward a middle-school audience, but I think the idea still rings true for high school: it’s really fun to think about finishing schoolwork as a game, because really? it kind of is a game sometimes.

So if you’d like your homework time to have more of a Renaissance-festival flavor, or if it boosts your motivation to earn experience points, then have at it. I don’t want to tell anyone to pick just one organizational tool, because which tool you use is less important than having a tool that works. If this works for you, have at it!

Learn more here:

Thanks once more to Azule for the link!


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