CSH Service Opportunities!

Many people have been asking me about great summer service opportunities. There are a variety of sites you can check out. First, try the Service Learning page on our own school website, which is linked here. There are many ongoing and one-time service opportunities listed there that could be helpful.

For one-time opportunities, see the calendar on that page: there are tons of great opportunities to help, like at this weekend’s SF Interfaith Winter Shelter Walk, Miller’s Mile, and through next week’s SHHS spring blood drive. All of these opportunities involve students from SHHS and are great opportunities for our schools to work together in service.

If there’s a particular place in the city that you’re interested in helping, feel free to visit their websites directly and feel empowered to call on the phone! Volunteers love to hear from people who want to help, and they are frequently interested in finding ways to connect high school students to their agencies and organizations.

You can also use the Community Service Day guide as a resource. All of the contact information for the sites we visited is listed there. Community Service Day Guide

If you have questions or need help finding a place to serve, come see me and we can search together. I’m happy to help.


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