Summer Adventures: San Domenico iTeach 2013

This is the first in a series of posts about what I’ll be up to this summer. — PMK

This summer, I’ve got a few things planned for professional development. The great myth of being a teacher is that we have the summers off. True: I don’t have to haul myself up Steiner Street on my bike every morning for the months of June, July, and most of August. However, there’s lots to do in the meantime. I’m teaching a new class this fall (more on this later!), I’m traveling to Africa (!!!), and I’m attending some workshops here in the Bay Area to enhance my own digital universe. I’m also anticipating my annual session of soul-searching about my technology use and how I can make my own digital life more efficient.

The first of my summer adventures is an amazing workshop that San Domenico hosts in Marin each summer: iTeach. As you’ll recall from my visit to their campus earlier this year, San Domenico is a national leader in technology integration on campus, and they host an annual conference about iPad use in schools. It’s a three-day conference this year and I’m thrilled to attend. The first conference materials were emailed to us over the weekend, and I can’t wait to start wading through the conference offerings to start choosing what I’ll focus on.

Learn more about iTeach here.


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