Summer Adventures: iPads for LDs

This is one of a series of posts about what I’ll be up to this summer. — PMK

Last October, I attended a mind-blowing Parents Education Network event at the Exploratorium. Some of my colleagues from the Schools and I attended Shelley Haven’s talk on using existing technology to better support all students’ learning in general and the success of students with learning differences in particular. I’m the first to say that I’m an avid Mac user, but Ms. Haven showed me things that my computer can do that I’d never dreamed of; there was a whole universe of tools tucked inside my System Preferences that I’d never had the occasion or the inclination to explore. I suddenly felt like I was meeting my MacBook for the first time.

Our schools’ Director of Educational Innovation, Howard Levin, also attended this talk, and he was also impressed. Thus he invited Ms. Haven to our school to teach a two-day workshop on “iPads for LDs”–specifically, we’ll spend two days talking about how the special features of the iPad can be especially useful and supportive for students with learning differences. I’m excited about this especially in support of our students who learn differently, but I think there are great implications in this workshop for all of our students. Everyone has different relative strengths and challenges, and I think I’ll be better equipped to serve all of our students after spending two days deep in thought about the iPad as a teaching and learning tool.

If you’d like to learn more about Ms. Haven’s work, I highly recommend her website, Tech Potential, which you can visit here. The entire site is a wealth of information and parts of it–especially the AT Toolbox–will truly change the way you look at your digital devices.


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