New Toy: Coffitivity

I say this a lot: if I don’t work in a public space, I cease to believe in the passage of time. Without other people around, I can get sucked into the internet or Facebook or Twitter for hours and hardly notice. It’s not that other people are going to come around and sneer at my latest Wikipedia rabbit hole; instead, there’s something about the energy of having other people around that helps me get work done. It’s like that surge of chatter and movement propels me forward, and I can’t help but be caught up in it. Somehow, that little bit of activity helps me concentrate.

I read about a website today that offers “ambient sounds to boost your creativity!” That’s right, there’s now an app for that.  Coffitivity brings the coffee shop to you. This is great if you can’t be bothered to go find a coffee shop to work in–or, more likely, you can’t get a seat in one nearby because they’re all full of start-up runners using them as office space.

Coffitivity claims to have research that states that a little ambient noise can foster and promote productivity and creativity. Also, in addition to stating that “research shows” the things they claim, they include a link to scholarly research on the subject on JSTOR. This is for real.

The site offers the sounds of nearby cups clattering gently, low conversation, and general white noise. It also advises you on how to adjust your headphones’ music to be just a little louder than the ambient noise–you know, to maximize your creativity.

In all seriousness, I think this is awesome and I’m definitely using it as I work from home right now. It’s really cool and the site’s graphic design is appealing and the community it’s promoting is warm and inviting. Totally recommended.

Check it out here:



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