“The LD Advantage”: Amazing work from a Drew senior

The latest PEN newsletter just pointed me to this remarkable website: it’s the senior project of Nicolina Kristof, a 2013 graduate of the Drew School here in San Francisco. “The LD Advantage” is a website that features interviews with people diagnosed with learning differences. It focuses on their journeys, their experiences, and their insights about what it’s like to be told you have a disability and then to discover strength and resilience in its wake. The two big sections of the website feature the “un-mumbo-jumbo definitions” of ADHD and dyslexia, which I love: it’s so empowering and exciting to see students owning their learning styles, owning their challenges, and describing their experiences in their own words. Very cool stuff here; totally worth checking out.

Within the sight, there’s also a very helpful compendium of apps that are helpful to students with ADHD, which I love. I knew about several of these before (Self Control and MyHomework are terrific organizational and time management apps; I adore Educreactions), but some are new to me and might be useful to Convent students. Check this out for sure.


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