New Reasons to Love Evernote

Today my Twitter feed lit up with posts from Evernote’s annual conference here in SF. I’m already on record as a die-hard Evernote fan, which has helped me survive the iOS7 update to the app with a degree of patience I wouldn’t have for other apps. (Really? I have to delete and then reinstall the app for it to see all of my stored notes? Really?!)

Today’s new offering absolutely blows me away: Evernote is partnering with 3M to make Post-It notes that can interface directly with Evernote. This means that people–and especially students–can take notes by hand or using a digital device and automatically store and organize all their notes via Evernote.

Here’s a neat slideshow about this, and here’s a Wall Street Journal write-up about it as well.

I’ve been excited about the LiveScribe Pen and similar technology since I first saw it in 2009. My former boss started using the pen to record conferences he attended and faculty meetings he led–always with full permission from participants that they were being recorded. I think this product has brilliant potential for education, especially for students who can’t always capture every word of a

The challenge for me with LiveScribe/EchoPen/whatever it’s called now was always the super-special notebooks that seemed hard to get. Post-It notes are everywhere, and I get the impression that these new Evernote-compatible Post-Its will be similarly easy to find.

While this Evernote innovation won’t capture audio (…yet), I love the idea that it makes it even easier for students to keep track of their written notes. I know lots of students who can’t or won’t take notes on their iPads but who love its portability. This new tool could help them save, share, and review their notes digitally while not sacrificing the skills they’ve developed as longhand note-takers.

And thus my life as a devoted Evernote fangirl continues. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

And now, just to review, a little clip about the history of Post-Its: 

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