integratED Day Two: Morning Sessions

We’re back for Day Two of the integratED conference! Here’s the session I’m heading to this morning, and here’s a link to the full schedule of sessions.

iDevices in the Classroom: Consume, Collaborate, and Create

Jennifer Gingerich, Educational Technology Consultant, Contractor

Participants will examine effective uses of iPods and iPads in the classroom. Take your students beyond consuming information and playing games and experience how to use these devices in a collaborative and creative nature with students. Identify apps and apply instructional strategies that ensure for higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy while using these engaging tools. Whether you have a few devices or one for each student, you will walk away with practical usesfor those iDevices at the end of this session


  • Think critically about the effective integration of mobile devices into the classroom setting.
  • Examine the roles students can play as consumers, collaborators, and producers while using iPods and iPads.
  • Explore a variety of creative and collaborative uses for while using iPods and iPads.
  • Be able to identify and evaluate apps for their use as a creativity and collaborative tool.

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