Today’s Adventure: Conversations and Connections at Sterne School

Today I was off campus for an event called “Conversations and Connections: Fostering Success for Unique Learners.” I’ve been planning this event for a while with Susie Cain, the Director of Communication at the Sterne School here in San Francisco, who I met at a similar event last spring at her school. After last year’s inspiring conversation, we wondered what other incredible conversations might be had among the “non-parent advocates” like learning specialists, educational therapists, tutors, reading specialists, and special education administrators who support students with LD and ADHD. Today was the first event, where talked about three big topics:

  • What do you wish for your LD students? 
  • How can we (as the “non-parent advocates”) work together better?
  • What can we do better overall in support of these students? 

A bunch of the BAISLD group attended, and it was great to connect with my colleagues Winifred, Beth, Jennifer, Yea, and Erin–all of whom I admire and whose company I enjoy. It was also great to meet people from SF State, Compass, Synergy, Oak Hill, and Cathedral School for Boys; it’s equal parts encouraging and inspiring for me to meet people who are as passionate about this work as I am.

Our next conversation will be in spring 2014, and we’ll focus more on technology, including its strengths, its limitations, and its hazards for students with LD and ADHD.

Anyway, I’ve now had the luxury of heading home from work for three Fridays in a row feeling inspired. I may just have the best job on earth.

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