Friday Afternoon Sessions: An embarrassment of riches

There are two long sessions I’m trying to decide between for today. Here’s a post on the first one.

The subject: “Developing Social Minds in a Digital Age”. The speakers:

Part I – Coping in a Distracted, Disconnected World: ADHD, Multitasking and Technology, by Edward M. Hallowell, MD

PartII–The App Generation: How Today’s Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy and Imaginatio, by  Katie Davis, PhD
Katie is a former classmate of mine at HGSE. Her latest book, which she co-authored with Howard Gardner, shares the title of her talk. I saw her and Dr. Gardner give a talk on it in the fall, and its subject matter is relevant and its conclusions provocative and helpful to parents and educators alike.

Part III – Teen Brains in a Digital Revolution: Education, Multitasking and Social Interaction Jay N. Giedd, MD 

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