Friday Morning Keynote Addresses

So many fabulous people to see this morning at the Learning and the Brain Conference! I’m mostly thrilled that they put the two speakers with the most spectacularly cool–and spectacularly similar–names one after the other. Beyond their Scrabble-dominating names, both are terrific and interesting researchers; check out their websites to learn more.

Welcome Remarks: Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhD

Michael S. Gazzaniga, PhD: “A Unified Mind in a Specialized Brain”

Adam H Gazzaley, MD, PhD: “Brains, Games and Education: Using Enhancement Technology to Improve Cognition and Learning”

Edward M. Hallowell, MD: “Understanding Your Child’s Brain: A Guide to Enhance Happiness, Mastery, and Confidence”

Sam J. Goldstein, PhD: “Brain Dance: How Self-Perception, Emotions, and Cognition Drive Development and Achievement”

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