New School Year!

As I join the faculty at Shady Side Academy, I’m hopeful that my new colleagues and students will check out this blog, explore past posts, and interact on new ones. Welcome and enjoy!

A few things to know:

  • The views expressed here are entirely my own, and they are not representative of the views of my employers.
  • The tag cloud at right links back to past posts on a variety of topics, like my past reviews of useful apps, cool articles, and debriefs from adventures I’ve gone on at other schools. Take a look to see what I’ve written about and where I’ve been.
  • I like to liveblog events that I attend, like conferences. If I’m heading out of town, watch this space for links and updates!
  • I love to read. Check out my “currently reading” shelf on Goodreads on the right side of the page. Not a Goodreads user? Join: it’s the best.
  • I really like Twitter: it’s a great tool for professional development and connecting with other educators. Check out the #edchat and #edtech hashtags to read thoughtful, sometimes-profound, always-interesting posts from educators around the world.



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